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What To Do With Used Root Riot Cubes

I use Root Riot Cubes in my hydroponic systems though many times I will have seeds that didn’t sprout in the Root Riot Cube.  In the past I would put a new seed in the cube, sometimes the same as the original seed or maybe something different.  Frequently I notice that once the Root Riot […]

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Manduca quinquemaculata – Tomato Worm

Manduca quinquemaculata, try saying that five times fast.  As I have been caring for my plants I thought I was lucky this year, I didn’t see any tomato worms.  Well the day came and when I found the worm, I was shocked to see how big it was.  I was really happy to see I […]

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Growing Season 2015 Is Here

Ok, here it is March.  I was reviewing my notes from last year when I discovered, I’m so far behind schedule.  How did this happen?  I started getting serious in January.  There is time, I just do some double time.  Check out my videos on Youtube, Indoor Hydroponics – The New Season and the other […]

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Tea Plants

I thought I would post an updated on my Green Tea Plants.  Though they take about 30 days to germinate, I was surprised to see that four seeds cracked open and one seed was starting to sprout.  Very cool.  I forgot to list the website last time I wrote in the previous post, so here […]

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Taking some time off

After several years of running a hydroponic system after this past Summer I decided to take some time off.  Though I was glad to take the time off, at the same time I felt a little lost.  After Thanksgiving I felt it was time to start two lettuce plants every two weeks.  That would create […]

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