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Common Milkweed Pods (Asclepias syriaca)

Written By: Michael
Monarch butterfly caterpillar

Monarch butterfly caterpillar

With the use of pesticides, climate change and bee colony collapse our fruit trees and plants aren’t being pollinated like they used to. You can be a big part of the change that’s needed by creating a pollinating garden. These types of gardens attract butterflies so they can reproduce. They also attract bees so they can carry back pollen, a vital source of food for the hive to thrive.

Milkweed is the one plant that is needed for Monarch Butterflies to reproduce. The nectar-rich plant attracts Monarch Butterflies, the plant then becomes the source of food for Monarch butterfly caterpillars like the one seen in the picture above.

There is nothing like the rewarding feeling when you see your garden become an oasis filled with butterflies.

I am offering Common milkweed pods(Asclepias syriaca) which will have a soft pink flower. My pods have been collected this Fall (2018)¬†they’re fresh. Except for Florida, it is native in every state east of the Rockies, from North Dakota to Texas and east, plus Montana and Oregon. So it’s native range is nearly the entire country. Only the high mountain states, far west, and southwest are not in it’s native range. Similar range in Canada, from Saskatchewan east to the Atlantic Coast.

The pods I am offering have not opened completely. Each pod contains roughly 60 to 70 seeds. If you follow my growing instructions you will find the seeds have a high viability rate. You will receive 1 large pod or 2 small pods for the same price.

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