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Grid Beam

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Several years ago, I was reading an email from one of my hydroponic groups.  The email was discussing what Grid Beam is and how it could be helpful when building your hydroponic system.  I bought the book, “How to Build With Grid Beam.”  To put it simply, you take a square piece of wood and drill it full of holes.  The book brought across that Grid Beam building wasn’t a new concept, it was actually very common during the 1930’s.

By having various lengths of wood pre-drilled a person can build something, easily make changes, prototypes, basically it’s temporary building solutions.  Three years has gone by and I continue to build with my Grid Beam system.  What makes this type of construction strong, is the tri-joint that is created when properly placed pieces of wood are put together.

Grid Beam tri joint

Grid Beam tri joint

This was my first indoor hydroponic system.  I used the Grid Beam to create shelves and a support system for all the plants during Winter.

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These are some pictures through the years showing how I used the Grid Beam system.  I created a temporary bed frame, cloths line, an end table, emergency supports and the list goes on.

     Bed Frame           Cloths Line   End Table     Supports

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