Sedona Creations

Camellia Sinensis better know as the Tea plant.

Written By: Michael

Currently I am working on this years hydroponic plants.  I have been growing two different lettuce plants since Thanksgiving and at this time I have about fifteen, two inch tomato plants as well as peppers.  While I was watching Dr. Oz on T.V. he did a segment on the benefits of Green Tea.  I know when I lived in Hawai’i some of our friends talked about growing Tea.  I decided to do some research, I was surprised to find out that White, Green, Black and Oolong Teas all come from the same plant.  Michigan is a bit too cold for Tea plants, from what I read they don’t like the temps dropping below 20 degrees though the Summer temps are perfect.  Well I got to thinking, what if I were to grow them Hydroponically?  So this is one of the experiments I will start this year.  If all goes well then in two to three years I can have Green Tea.

I found a company on the internet that sells seeds and yes you can find them for less, I just felt comfortable with them.  Their site address is .  Shortly after ordering my seeds I sent off an email asking them if they knew of someone growing Tea plants hydroponically.  They did respond back, having a limited knowledge of hydroponics they did express the plants don’t like to sit in water.  I also found out while doing my research Tea plants are in the Evergreen family.  My plan is to plant my Tea plants in homemade Dutch buckets.

I received my Tea seeds, I was surprised that the seeds look like walnuts.  They are about an inch, inch and a half in size.  I soaked my seeds for three days as recommended though I soaked them in a lite hydroponic solution.  The solution was probable about 300 PPM.  They take about a month to two months to germinate from what I read.  In the first week my seeds began to crack open.  It’s been two weeks now, Happy Valentine’s Day by the way, green is beginning to show where the taproot has grown.  The pictures below are from the first week.  I will keep you posted on the progress.  I am making plans to move the seeds into their permanent homes.



Tea seeds

Tea Seeds cracking open


Tea seed taproot

Camellia Sinensis taproot





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