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Tarot Readings

Written By: Michael

Prepare yourself for one of the most powerful readings you’ll have received yet.  All I require is the first name of the person and your question.  With 25 years experience, 13 years of enhanced training in Sedona, Az. and 3 years of training on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  I am clairvoyant and empathic.  I am also a trained Reiki Master through The International Center for Reiki Training; my teachings are with the use of the Usui Reiki Symbols.  I am a Metaphysical Instructor, I teach students how to develop and understand their spiritual gifts.  I also teach Reiki I, II, ART, Master.

Tarot Reading

How to arrange your phone consultation with me:

Preparing for your session:

Please write your questions down prior to working with me, we can cover much more then.   I do not require birthdays, just saying the person’s name with your question is required.  Please keep in mind, when asking about time frames, there are many variables that can effect the timing of events which can make it difficult to narrow down.  A general session starts with what is currently going on and seeing the true path that is in your heart.  From there we can look at what the walls are that are keeping you from achieving your goals or what choices to make to guide you to the doors of your success.  Maybe you have a relationship question, you decide what direction the reading goes in.

Arranging your session:

Though PayPal you can use your charge card or debit card.  I charge $2.99 per minute and I offer three different session times.  You can arrange a 15 minute, 30 minute or a 60 minute session.  Use the appropriate PayPal below.  After your payment has been received, I will contact you for your reading.

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