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Can Reiki Work For Me?

Written By: Michael

 Can Reiki work for me?

Yes, absolutely.


As a teacher and healer, Mikael, is one of the best.  Over the decade of my calling upon his gifts of knowledge and healing, I can attest that Reiki does work and that Mikael is a master craftsman in his field.   Dr. Jill Bakke

In the Summer of ’09 I broke my leg and had to have surgery to correct the fracture. Mikael’s Reiki sessions during pre-op in the hospital lowered my blood pressure and calmed my anxiety. The hospital staff was very supportive. Without question they turned down the lights and gave us privacy for the Reiki session. During my post-surgery follow-up visits the surgeon commented about how fast I was healing. My over-all recovery was eventually 2-3 weeks sooner then anticipated. I have no doubt that Mikael’s Reiki treatments are powerful and effective. Thank you Mikael!     J.Tamm, Holualoa, HI.

I just can’t thank you enough for the healing energy that I feel.  As you know, this has been a very troubled year for me and the stress and anxiety have been overwhelming at times.  Your help in distance healing has had a huge impact in my ability to cope with the struggles that I am facing.  My therapist has even noticed the difference and agrees that you have a wonderful gift in the reiki therapy you have provided for me. Jan Frenchi – RN

Thank you so much for the Reiki healing. I have a lot more energy than I have had in a long time also some blockages have been released and I am having more clarity in vision. I really appreciate the Reiki healing. Thank you Rosa

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki healing in March 2012. Since the healing, I am feeling more clarity in my thinking, happier and my overall outlook on life is much more positive. Doors of opportunity have been opening. I recommend Mikael to all, he is definitely connected and a great Healer and Advisor.

Love and Light, Regina Carter

Thank you for the Long Distance Healing Mikael! I’m moving into a new home and I feel so relaxed so content and so thankful to be here. It smells good here and the space is just right for me, my pets and for when my Mom or Bryan can come to visit. I love it here. Thanks always for helping me.  Ann Marie

Animals Love Reiki Too.

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