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Animals Love Reiki Too.

Written By: Michael

Animals Love Reiki Too.





Bisca was my mentor.  She assisted me in recognizing my desire and my ability to be a healer.  When she was seven years old she became deathly ill.  The Vet recommended that she should be put to sleep.  I took her home and began treating her since there was no recommend treatment or prescription, for her illness.  At the age of 15 Bisca’s illness finally took her.





Shaney was diagnosed with Lupus, as well as having other challenging health issues.  When her time had come, I used Reiki to comfort her and help her to move along peacefully.



I was asked to do Reiki healings on Hana when she was seriously attacked by another dog.   Currently she is doing well and she has resumed her post, protecting Mom.






Mocha, that is her name currently, when she was only six months old she was abandoned and left to fend for herself in the wild tropics.  She had no food or water for at least seven days.  When she found us she was very sickly on top of having a belly full of worms.   After many Reiki treatments and lots of love she became a very loving and playful puppy.  Her best friends became Hana, (above) and Hana’s sister Princess.

Current photo of Mocha









Mikael does amazing work.  Marley accidentally got some insulation stuck in her toes after a ceiling caved in, she ingested the insulation when she was trying to get it out of her toes.  She had severe internal bleeding and almost died that night.   I called Mikael to do Reiki on her and she ended up pulling through to the surprise of the veterinarians.  Marley is doing great two years later and we are so grateful to Mikael for being such a big part of Marley’s recovery.      Joni


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