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Taking some time off

Written By: Michael - Jan• 24•14

After several years of running a hydroponic system after this past Summer I decided to take some time off.  Though I was glad to take the time off, at the same time I felt a little lost.  After Thanksgiving I felt it was time to start two lettuce plants every two weeks.  That would create my rotating crop.

Well here it is January 24, my lettuce plants are doing well.  We have had some lettuce on our sandwiches.  This year I am going with Heirloom tomatoes, peppers and I’ll see what else.  I started my tomato seeds and I currently have around twenty plants.  I also wanted to grow Green Tea plants or Camellia Sinensis Tea Plants.

This year I am changing the type of hydroponic system I will be using.  I am going with the Dutch Bucket system.  I am designing the buckets myself and I am using two buckets per plant.  It’s little more expensive at first.  Some of the problems I have seen other people have using one bucket on a Dutch Bucket system are similar to the problems I have had in the past working with one bucket similar to the Dutch Bucket.  I think two buckets are the most versatile way to go.  I will put my Green Tea plants in Dutch Buckets too.

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