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What To Do With Used Root Riot Cubes

Written By: Michael - Sep• 02•15

I use Root Riot Cubes in my hydroponic systems though many times I will have seeds that didn’t sprout in the Root Riot Cube.  In the past I would put a new seed in the cube, sometimes the same as the original seed or maybe something different.  Frequently I notice that once the Root Riot Cube was used even in trying to start a new seed the end result was you got one shot and if it didn’t work through it out.  Well buying a bag of 100 means each one I throughout was costing me sixteen cents.  I realize that sixteen cents doesn’t seem like much.  How about looking at it this way, this year I have two hundred tomato plants planted.  If each Root Riot Cube didn’t work at sixteen cents that would cost me about thirty two dollars to replace them.  I could have ordered ten heirloom seed packs.  As you can see what only seems to be a small amount when it gets multiplied it adds up.

An idea came to me and I figured why not try a new approach.  I took the Root Riot Cubes that were no starts and I soaked them in water until they were hydrated.  Then I took the bunch of them oh about eight at a time, (that’s the size of my starter tray) and I cooked them in the microwave for two minutes.  Once the cooled down I put new seeds in, my success rate is about 90% in getting a seed to germinate.  So my question is does a microwave kill and possible kill what may be good for us in our food?


Root Riot Cubes

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