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Wine Making

Written By: Michael

I am someone who enjoys a good bottle of wine.  When I moved to Michigan I became spoiled by all the fresh produce.  Starting with March its like every month had a fruit or vegetable that was ready for picking.  One year I was asked what I would like for my birthday, I decided a wine starters kit would be perfect.   I had a whole bunch of Cherries that needed to be used quickly so I jumped in making my first batch of Cherry wine.  The company I purchased my kit from didn’t recommend jumping in to, making your own batch first.  I stumbled through the process a bit though I was intrigued with the process so I tried it again and again.  Here it is seven years later and when it’s time to make wine…. we make wine.  I have some simple wines that I make yearly, I guess you could say they are my signature wines and then one or two experiment wines.


If you’re interested in wine making, I recommend paying a visit to E.C. Kraus.  If you do purchase from them then also get the monthly email.  The email has good recipes and answers to customers questions that almost all of us have run into.

It’s really nice when you create a good wine, that can be a little tricky combined with some luck.   The hard part is trying to recreate that wine.  The only true way to succeed in wine making  is keep notes, make a wine journal.  You can see where errors where made and you can easily recreate a recipe.


  1. Vintner_Mike says:

    My last batch of wine is now ready to be enjoyed. I made the wine with Pears, Apples and Kiwi fruit. It took a little extra filtering though the wine tastes great and it sparkles. It also has very sexy legs! This is my special batch for the year 2013, I call it It was started on 11-12-13 and it is now ready to drink in 2014.

  2. Vintner_Mike says:

    This year I was able to get some Vidal and Frontenac grapes. I made wines from both just using a basic recipe. By February both wines had matured into fantastic wines. Both are great as stand alone wines, though they also create great wines when I married them to other wines. I will try to get them again this year and possible grow them too.

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